Ximena Restrepo is an alumni of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín, Colombia. She was born in Manizales, Colombia and grew up in the state of Kansas in the United States. A dedicated reader, she decided to study literary studies after high school and was part of the first class of the new program, due to graduate in October.

Ximena Restrepo during the first annual Literary Studies Simposium, with teacher Cristian Suárez
Ximena Restrepo during the first annual Literary Studies Simposium, with professor Cristian Suárez

Academic Profile

For  her GPA during both fifth and sixth semester (2013) she was awarded the honor scholarships. She has participated in a series of forums and symposiums both as part of the logistical team and presenting papers during the events.  She has researched a variety of topics during her university career but after her fifth semester started focusing directly on Diasporic and Transnational Studies. She is specifically interested in code-switching strategies in narrative language of immigration, on how the immigration experience shapes language and how translation plays into the mix of these cultural displacements.

Ximena Restrepo, ceremony of honor scholarships.


Ximena has been writing for Medellin Living for the past year, as well as translating freelance for local authors and projects. She does freelance work online that relates to writing, blogging, event calendar posts, translation and others.

Have a question? Email Ximena at ximena@medellinliving.com


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